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A valve is a device by which a liquid or gas is controlled either by shutting on/off, restricting or diverting flow.

QCI's standard 2 way pipe size valves (threaded, flanged, butt weld and socket weld) are considered to be reduced port because the diameter through the rotor is slightly smaller than standard schedule 40 pipe sizes. Our ¼" through 1-¼" 3 way and 5 way valves are reduced even further. In most cases however the port through the rotors is still larger than most ball valves.

Our 4 way "LL" valves are restricted even further due to either the baffle welded in or the angular porting through the rotor.

QCI's standard 2 way, 3 way and 5 way tube size valves (Tri-Clamp®, Cherry-Burrell and tube butt weld are considered full port since the diameter through the rotor is the same as through the valve body ports.

Yes. By special order we can make 2 way valves that are full port so that they can be used with a "pig" for cleaning purposes, in schedule 10, 40 or 80. Our tube size 2 way valves are already "piggable".

What if I want to pig through a 3, 4 or 5 way valve?

QCI already has a line of "piggable" 3 way valves that have an interior radius of approximately 1-1/2 times the pipe/tube size. We can also, by special order, design you a 4 way or 5 way valve that can be pigged.

Our standard valve is rated for ANSI 150# class which is 275 PSI @ 100 Deg F for our 316 Stainless Steel valves. Carbon and Bronze are also 150# class. Our standard TFE seals are rated for up to 150 Deg F and our reinforced TFE seals are rated for 240 Deg F.

In many cases, especially our smaller valves, the maximum pressure is actually higher than the ANSI rating. For higher temperatures we can make special seals that allow for thermal expansion at the elevated temperature. It is important when you submit a request for quote with us that we receive all the pertinent information about your process especially pressure, temperature and media so that we can recommend a valve that properly meets your requirements. Quite often we provide valves with 300# flanges and the only other modification required is increasing the bolting on size.

Yes. QCI can provide you with any assembly that you would like. We can make a mounting kit for any actuator available, mount the actuator (and solenoid valve, limit switch or any other peripheral) and test the entire assemble prior to shipping.

Yes. QCI is more than happy to assist you in receiving any documentation that you require. Just be sure to inform us of your requirements when requesting a quote.

We have designed and built many valves to replace obsolete OEM valves. We can make a valve with special face to face dimensions, special fittings, special materials or special porting. Just send us what information that you can. We love a challenge. Custom valves are our specialty.

Probably the most often requested modifications are internal grounding, locking handles, rinse ports, water/steam jackets, panel mounting, tandem mounting, gang mounting, detent handles and trunnion mounted high pressure valves.

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